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Just aim, aim Balleurope

The BALLEUROPE company makes bullets and is situated in Vaugneray-Rhone for competitive shooters.

Franck Delorme - Balleurope

Balleurope is located in Vaugneray – Lyon and makes reloading items for competitive shooters and for leisure since 1987.

Today, 3 different types of bullets are made by the company balleurope : lubricated lead bullets, copperplated lead bullets, black powder lead bullets.

  • Use of great quality metals concerning their origins.
  • Modern and experienced techniques of casting/moulding or matrix which will guarantee the perfect unity and consistency of the bullets.
  • Calibration and lubrification fully automatic.

The company is managed by Franck Delorme and makes the bullets but it is also a dealer for the bullets of CamPro and you could also find products to clean your guns, from the Shooter’s choice.



Atelier - Balleurope

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