2, Impasse des 2 Vallées – Z.A. des 2 Vallées
Tél. : (33) 04 78 45 77 73

Just aim, aim Balleurope

Balleurope is the dealer of the CAM PRO products, near Lyon, in Rhone for reloading items.

The balleurope company which makes bullets near Lyon(69,Rhone) has the sole rights for the bullets : CAM PRO. These bullets, are canadian products.
CAM PRO makes products of precision, quality and reliable. No matter the kind of shooting you practise, you can be sure to have high quality bullets.

  • Alloys made of 98% of lead and 2% of antimony
  • Cold pressure for the core for a better constancy concerning the weight.
  • Full coating of copper
  • Layer of copper about 200 microns for each side
  • Casting at the end of the process for a maximum of precision and uniformity
  • Final cleaning and polishing before delivery
  • Quality check in with a full track system
  • No lead smell
  • Compatible with standard relaoding tables of jacketed bullets
  • You can use it with a magnum loading without grease.